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PhD Dissertations at the University of Pennsylvania using ACAP Census Micro-data

PhD Dissertations by African Graduates

Gideon Rutaremwa (2002): Differentials in infant and child mortality in East Africa ( Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda)

Ayaga Bawah (2002): Health, well-being and mortality in Africa ( Botswana, Lesotho, Zambia)

Henry Doctor (2003): Mortality in twentieth-century Malawi

Kevin Thomas (2004): The Demography of migrant population in South Africa

Claire M Noel-Miller (2005): Grandparents and the mortality of their grandchildren in the Gambia: Findings from the 1993 census

Robert Mswia (2006): Mortality in the era of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania

Sandile Simelane (2006): Poverty in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Measurement, Trends and the Demography of the Poor


Dissertation Chapters by other Graduates

Ria Baker (2003): Marriage Forgotten or Foregone? An examination of the transformations of marriage in Botswana

Solene Lardoux (2005): Polygyny and fertility in rural Senegal

Recent Publications Analyzing the Census Micro-data at ACAP

Khalfani, Akil Kokayi and Tukufu Zuberi. 2003. “Racial classification and the modern census in South Africa, 1911-1996.” Race and Society 4(2): 161-176.

Zuberi, Tukufu, Amson Sibanda, Ayaga Bawah and Amadou Noumbissi. 2003. “Population and African Society.” Annual Review of Sociology 29:465-86

Lardoux, Solène and Etienne Van de Walle 2003. “Polygyny and Fertility in Rural Senegal” Population E . No. 6. [Also in French as « Polygamie et fécondité en milieu rural sénégalais. » Population F, No. 6]

Luke , N. and Munshi, K. 2003. “Does marriage influence individual behavior in urban Africa? Evidence from a high HIV area in Kenya”, MIT Department of Economics Working Paper 03-20, Cambridge , MA .

Mba, Chuks J. 2003. “ Assessing the reliability of the 1986 and 1996 Lesotho census data” Journal of Social Development in Africa18(1): 111–128.

Zuberi, Tukufu and Amson Sibanda 2004. “How Do Migrants Fare in a Post-Apartheid South African Labor Market?" International Migration Review 38(4): 1462-1491.

Sibanda, Amson. 2004. “Who Drops Out of School in South Africa? The Influence of Individual and Household Characteristics” African Population Studies 19(1): 99-117.

Noumbissi, Amadou. 2004. “Living Standards of the Elderly in South Africa” African Population Studies, Supplement 19(a): 201–219.

Doctor, Henry 2004. “Parental survival, living arrangements, and school enrolment of children in Malawi in the era of HIV/AIDS” Journal of Social Development in Africa19(1): 31–56.

Doctor, Henry 2004. “The effect of living standards on childhood mortality in Malawi” African Population Studies, Supplement 19(a): 241–263.

Bawah, Ayaga and Tukufu Zuberi 2005. “Socioeconomic status and child mortality: An illustration using housing and household characteristics from African census data” African Population Studies, Supplement 19(b): 9–29.

Phillips , Heston and Amadou Noumbissi 2005. “Disability in South Africa” African Population Studies, Supplement 19(b): 115–138.

Thomas , Kevin J.A. 2005. “Disability among the children of migrants in South Africa” African Population Studies, Supplement 19(b): 139–164.

Mba, Chuks J. 2005. “The impact of external causes on South Africa’s expectation of life” African Population Studies, Supplement 19(b): 165–177.

Mba, Chuks J. 2005. “Racial Differences in Marital Status and Living Arrangements of Older Persons in South Africa” Generations Review 15(2): 23–31.

Bawah, Ayaga and Tukufu Zuberi 2005. “Socioeconomic status and child mortality in Southern Africa” Genus 61(1–2): 55–83.

Doctor, Henry and Sandile E Simelane 2005. “The impact of living standards on childhood mortality in South Africa: Evidence from cross-sectional data” Journal of Social Development in Africa20(2): 7–38.

Sangeetha Madhavan & Kevin J. A. Thomas 2005 . “Childbearing and Schooling: New Evidence from South Africa” Comparative Education Review 49(4): 452-467.

Merli, M.Giovanna and Alberto Palloni 2006. "The HIV/AIDS Epidemic, Kin Relations, Living Arrangements and the Elderly" Aging in Sub-Saharan Africa: Recommendations for Furthering Research. National Academies Press: 113-162.

Thomas , K.J.A. Child Mortality and Socioeconomic Status: An Examination of Differentials by Migration Status in South Africa." International Migration Review forthcoming.



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