About the African Census Analysis Project (ACAP)

In recognition of the need to preserve African census data in order to avoid perpetual loss due to poor storage and also the need to encourage and enhance further analysis, dissemination, and utilization of the massive census data, the African Census Analysis Project (ACAP) was undertaken as a joint initiative of the Population Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania and African research and governmental institutions. This was to allow for collaboration with various African governments and research institutions at archiving and analyzing African census data, both at national and sub-national levels, in order to inform appropriate policy interventions on the continent.

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Census Data

Through its collaborative efforts, ACAP has created a unique data bank that saved data from the 1970, 1980, and 1990 rounds of census enumerations from destruction, and we development the Pan-African Census Explorer (PACE).

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In line with our extensive research using census micro-data for a better understanding of African health and society, ACAP is preparing a multivolume series entitled A General Demography of Africa.

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ACAP's success is made possible through its collaboration with affiliates from around the world: