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The Census Explorer allows users to have access to the census micro-data for dynamic query to produce subsets of the data, export data to multiple file types, run specific analysis and produce output in the form of tables, figures or maps. It provides access to all of the functionality of the Census Navigator and the Census Guide and performs the following:

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  • Handles multiple census data sets (across years and countries) including all the documentation related to the data;
  • Produce tables at request;
  • Extract standard recoded files for research purposes (e.g., ASCII, SAS, SPSS, STATA);
  • Provides access to ACAP enhanced microdata incorporating record linkage, geographic harmonization, undercount correction, etc;
  • Compute main demographic parameters (life tables, fertility schedules, etc.) at selected level of analysis (individual, household) for a chosen level of administrative unit;
  • Produce main social and demographic indicators (fertility, mortality, migration, education, occupation) by local administration units across years and countries);
  • Present maps on request and indicators at selected administrative unit level;
  • Provide full flexibility for specific in-depth analysis by designated researchers;
  • User authentication and access control ensure that the custodial mission of ACAP is not compromised;

Currently data harmonization and enhancement efforts are being focused on Census data from South Africa (1970, 1985, 1991, and 1996), Botswana (1981 and 1991), the Gambia and Zambia.

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